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By whom?
By people, who have already created projects that you know perfectly well and which have had huge success. By people, who bacame millionaires a long time ago. By humans, who dreamed to do something good for people. Something good that will bring together all the best from past experience. Something that will not be blocked or destroyable. Something that will give wealth and abundance to each participant. Not one time, but for many years. And with the advent of cryptocurrency, such an opportunity finally appeared.

For whom?
For people, who do something. For people, who have live in abundance for a long time and want even more. And for peaople, who are just starting the path of life in material well-being. For people, who are willing to share something good with their loved ones. For people who are progressing and do not stand still. FOR EACH OF US.

What project is this?
CRYPTOHANDS project - is smart contarct, which does not belong to anyone. This is the specificity of Ethereum cryptocurrency. Smart contract - it is a cryptocurrency distribution algorithm, which, after being uploaded to the Ethereum network, can no longer be edited, modified or deleted.

CRYPTOHANDS smartcontract is uploaded into the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and even theoretically cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, including its creators. Therefore, no one and nothing can stop the work of the System even in the event of the site being closed and the administration disappearing. CRYPTOHANDS system does not belong to anyone and works independently of the site.

The account of each participant is in a smart contract but not on the site, so it can not be blocked or deleted even by the site administration. The CRYPTOHANDS website in your account (without a password) displays only the information for each account taken from the Ethereum smart contract. Therefore, it is impossible to hack an account and change a member's wallet.

The creators of this system have exactly the same accounts as each member without any special privileges. The authors of the project are VERY tempted to create different projects and income from the Internet, not only in the field of finance, but in many others. Therefore, CRYPTOHANDS is a project in which its creators THEMSELVES PARTICIPATE WITH PLEASURE. So the project may like a lot of other people.



The site administration DOES NOT OWN the CRYPTOHANDS project and does not have the technical ability to withdraw the money of the participants.

All calculations take place directly between the participants through a smart contract.

A smart contract, which does't belong to anyone, DOES NOT ACCUMULATE FUNDS OF PARTICIPANTS, but instantly redirects funds between the participants according to a premade algorithm.

Administration of the site CRYPTOHANDS is not responsible for the operation of the smart contract, as well as for possible errors in the code and the work of the smart contract, for possible losses of funds by the participants of the system.

The words "profit", "income" and similar definitions on the site are of an advertising nature and are not a public offer.

All transfers are voluntary and free of charge.

The CRYPTOHANDS SITE IS NOT A PROJECT, but displays only public information taken from the CRYPTOHANDS smart contract, which DOES NOT BELONG to the administration of the CRYPTOHANDS site.

Personal account of the participant on the site is accessible to everyone without a password and DOES NOT KEEP ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION of the system participants. The personal account displays the statistics of each System participant, taken from the CRYPTOHANDS smart contract.



Questions about the system and the rules and agreements you can ask by email [email protected]